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Cayman Islands Areas and Communities



West Bay: A family-orientated part of the island, this hidden gem is north of Seven Mile Beach and has easy access to the amenities and businesses of not only Seven Mile Beach, but also George Town. There are many nice family homes, as well as undeveloped parcels of land for building.

Seven Mile Beach: Perhaps the most desirable part of the island, Seven Mile Beach boasts luxury condominium complexes, canal-front homes, lush golf courses, and the island’s most famous restaurants and resorts.

George Town: The center of all business and Government activity in the Cayman Islands, George Town is just south of Seven Mile Beach, with easy access to the airport and all parts of the island.

South Sound: South of George Town, South Sound has several options, including beachfront condominiums, luxury homes with large lots, modest duplexes, and many other options. With its close proximity to schools, George Town, and Seven Mile Beach, this area is a favorite among locals.

Bodden Town: Off the beaten path, this local area is east of George Town. More affordable than other parts of the island, this area offers rustic ocean views and local culture.

East End: A more rural part of the island, East End offers investors an opportunity to purchase waterfront property away from the hustle and bustle of George Town, but still close enough to the conveniences of an international airport, grocery stores, and the other comforts of home that Grand Cayman provides visitors and residents alike.

Cayman Kai: Located northeast of Seven Mile Beach, this area is comprised of luxury homes, beachfront prosperities, canal-facing homes and tranquil roads that make you feel you’ve stepped back in time. A favorite among investors looking to purchase vacation properties, Cayman Kai and the nearby Rum Point offer quintessential island life living.

Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and Affectionately named the "sister islands"  Cayman Brac (about 89 miles northeast of Grand Cayman) and Little Cayman (about 5 miles west of Cayman Brac). Both have a small number of residents - Cayman Brac has approximately 2,000 people and Little Cayman has only 500 people - these islands are much more rustic than Grand Cayman Island meaning they are what Grand Cayman was back in the 1960s. The most common way to access these two islands is to fly on Cayman Airways which fly daily from Grand Cayman. You can take a motorboat or sail but it would take you anywhere from 6 hours to 24 hours to sail. 

Cayman Brac: (Brac is Gaelic for bluff) is 15 square miles. The island is only 12 miles long and about 1.5 miles wide. The highest point is located on “The Bluff,” which is 140 feet above sea level. The Bluff is a limestone outcrop that rises steadily along the length of the island and offers visitors a chance to hike, rock climb, and bird watch along the rustic landscape.

Little Cayman: is aptly named, as it is the smallest of the three islands. Little Cayman is 10 square miles. The island is only 10 miles long and just over one mile wide. The highest point is about 40 feet above sea level. Most of Little Cayman’s draw is in its impressive dive sights and unhurried pace of life. Many local residents of Grand Cayman Island travel to Little Cayman for vacation.

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