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Cayman is an Oasis in a Troubled and Chaotic World.

Visit us and understand our secret!

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea just about 500 miles south of Miami, Florida. We are located south of Cuba, NE of Costa Rica, N of Panama and straight east of Mexico, Jamaica is NW of us.  The Cayman Islands consists for 3 islands.  Grand Cayman is the largest of them all with approximately 60,000 residents all year round.  The other 2 islands have a smaller land mass and also a smaller resident population with 2,000 in Cayman Brac and 150 residents in Little Cayman.

We have been called the Jewel of the Caribbean because we have one of the highest standards of living for the Caribbean, unemployment rate is low and the literacy rate is high. We have a stable government, a stable dollar and comfortable and relaxed lifestyle while enjoying the finer things in life.  We have over 200 restaurants on the island and hundreds of picture perfect dive sites and thousands of snorkeling areas.  Grand Cayman is fast becoming a second home, vacation home and real estate investment opportunity where everyone choose the Cayman Islands for the safe and comfortable lifestyle.  Real Estate in Cayman Islands is affordable and practical.

Cayman is a safe oasis in a troubled and chaotic world.

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The Cayman Islands are known for their friendly, hospitable people and their breathtaking natural beauty. Made up of three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, the Cayman Islands’ current population is approximately 57,000. Of that number, approximately half are Caymanians. The rest of the Cayman Islands residents are from locations all around the world, including the United Kingdoms, North America, South America, Central America, and Asia. There are more than 92 different nationalities represented in Cayman. Most are living in Cayman on work permits. These work permits are for 3 months up to 3 or 5 years and are often issued for individuals working in a variety of industries, from the banking industry to household workers to diving industry and tourism and hotel sectors.

No matter where you settle in Cayman, the Cayman Island communities feel like home and the people feel just like neighbors.

High Standard of Living in the Cayman Islands:

The GDP in Cayman is US$43,800 (2008) and the total GDP is US$2.25 billion (2008). Caymanians have the highest standard of living in the Caribbean. Visitors to the Cayman Islands will not find garbage burning in the street, nor will they see street or beach vendors pestering tourists to buy their wares. Unlike other Caribbean destinations there are no vendors badgering visitors to braid hair or panhandlers begging for money. You can wear your Rolex or diamonds while out shopping or to the restaurant in the evening and you will not feel afraid that someone will harass you.

The Cayman Islands GDP per capital is the 14th highest in the world, making it unlike many of the Caribbean islands that surround the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands has its own currency called the Cayman Island Dollar or (KYD) or is sometimes noted as (CI$) which is tied to the US dollar at a fixed rate. It will cost you US$1.25 to buy a KYD$1.00 dollar. The good news is the US dollar is widely accepted in the Cayman Islands.

Grand Cayman, A Business Hub:

Grand Cayman is located in the northwest corner of the Caribbean Sea, (yes we all refer to the water as the ocean but we are in the Caribbean SEA) We are 150 miles south of Cuba, 180 miles northwest of Jamaica, and 480 miles southwest of Miami. Grand Cayman is know for Cayman Ridge or Rise and this ridge flanks the Cayman Trough, which is the second deepest trench in the world at 20,000 feet deep and it is located 4 miles south of Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman is the most densely populated of the three islands. It is 76 square miles--22 miles long by about 4 miles average width. The highest point is about 60 feet above sea level. 

Grand Cayman is a smaller island yet there are several areas that are desirable places to call homee. Whether you want a modest home in West Bay, with easy access to Seven Mile Beach, or a beachfront villa in the island oasis of Cayman Kai, there is something for every type of buyer in the Grand Cayman real estate market.